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How-to Guide

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Pre-treatment care

Before each treatment, please take note of the following:

  • Pre-treat skin by removing hairs on surface of area. This is so the root of the hairs can absorb the energy from the LEVIOR Home IPL effectively
  • You may shave, short-trim, epilate but do not use any creams or gels as the chemicals may cause skin reactions
  • Make sure skin is clean and free from oily substances


Using the LEVIOR Home IPL

Hold down the POWER button for 2 seconds to turn on the device. Ensure that your LEVIOR Home IPL is plugged in.

There are 8 levels of intensity for various skin tones. Short press the POWER button to switch between intensity levels


Selecting an intensity level

  • The lowest level (1) is recommended for darker skin tones and / or lighter colored hairs
  • The higher levels are recommended for lighter skin tones and / or darker colored hairs
  • These are the recommended settings based on the average user, please adjust them according to usage


Manual and auto mode
The LEVIOR Home IPL comes with two modes. The auto mode is perfect for quickly covering larger areas while the manual mode allows for more precision and sensitivity for smaller areas. Press and hold the button with a "O" to switch between Manual to Auto mode. 

  • For auto mode, ensure that the device is placed 90° to the surface of the skin and covers it completely. The sensor will detect this and automatically flash
  • For manual mode, hold the device down to the surface of your skin, ensuring no gaps and press the O button

Things to note

  • For beginners, use the device at intensities recommended for your skin type. Using it at higher intensities could increase the risk of skin reactions and side effects
  • Do not look at the flash while device is in use or use protection glasses provided
  • Always switch off the device after use and never leave it unattended when on
  • The device should never be painful, if you experience discomfort, please lower the settings on the device


After-treatment care

After each session, you may safely apply lotions, creams, moisturizers and cosmetics to the treated area. In the case that you do experience redness or irritation, please wait for it to go away before applying product to your skin. If irritation is felt after applying product to your skin, wash it off with water.

Occasional reactions

  • Some users may experience redness and / or prickling, tingling or warm sensations. This is harmless and will go away quickly on its own
  • Dry skin and itching may occur due to shaving or a combination of shaving and IPL treatments. Cool area off with ice packs, wet cloths or apply a non-scented moisturizer to the dry area

    Device care

    • After use, turn off device by holding down the POWER button for 2 seconds and unplug it. Allow your LEVIOR Home IPL to cool down.
    • You may clean the IPL window with a soft cloth with a few drops of water. Do not wet the device.
    • Store your LEVIOR Home IPL in a dust free, dry location at a temperature between -25°C and 75°C, with a storage humidity of up to 75%
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