There are 8 levels of intensity for various skin tones. Short press the POWER button to switch between intensity level.

The lowest level (1) is recommended for darker skin tones and / or lighter colored hairs

The higher levels are recommended for lighter skin tones and / or darker colored hairs

These are the recommended settings based on the average user, please adjust them according to usage

Our personal suggestion is always to start at the lowest intensity and work your way up each session. If you get uncomfortable and/or get marks that last longer than a couple days it means that intensity is too high for you and the one below it should work best. 

Additionally, areas with thicker skin, such as the legs and arms, can generally take higher levels of intensity and areas with thinner skin, such as fingers and above the lips, should always start low and work your way up. Over your PulsaJourney, discover which intensity level are you most comfortable with at different areas to perfectly balance comfort and speed. 

IPL has a significantly lesser effectiveness against grey, red, and very light blond hair as darker hair has a better competency of absorbing the IPL rays.