Pre-treatment care

Pre-treat skin by removing hairs on surface of area. This is so the root of the hairs can absorb the energy from the LEVIOR Home IPL effectively.

You may shave, short-trim but do not use any creams or gels as the chemicals may cause skin reactions.

Make sure skin is clean and free from oily substances.

After-treatment care

After each session, you may safely apply lotions, creams, moisturizers and cosmetics to the treated area. In the case that you do experience redness or irritation, please wait for it to go away before applying product to your skin. If irritation is felt after applying product to your skin, wash it off with water.

Occasional reactions

Some users may experience redness and / or prickling, tingling or warm sensations. This is harmless and will go away quickly on its own

Dry skin and itching may occur due to shaving or a combination of shaving and IPL treatments. Cool area off with ice packs, wet cloths or apply a non-scented moisturizer to the dry area