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See long-lasting results in 4 weeks*

#1 Trusted Home IPL ExperienceShop Levior Home IPL

Quick & Painless

Use Anywhere

Safety First

For Anyone

Customers describe the experience as "warm sensations".

Full body session at home takes up to 30 minutes, just once per week!

Use in on your Upper lip, Arms, Fingers, Underarms, Legs and... Privates

Designed to be a one-time cost. No refills or hidden costs!

PULSALUX has gone through extensive testing and is FC, FCC and RoHS certified

Each device goes through 2 stages of quality assurance and safety checks.

Designed to cater to a wider range of skin tones and sensitivity levels.

Switch between Manual / Auto modes and 8 intensity levels for different skin tones or areas

Zap risk-free with PULSACare

In the unlikely event you do not see results, don't worry! Send it back and get 100% of your money back

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Each device is covered by a full 1-year warranty! We replace and repair faulty handsets with defects at no additional cost.

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